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new cover “18 And Life”

new track “Edge”

new track “Pulse”

new track “Sovereign”

Going after a “big” orchestral sound with a few different elements.

new track “Forgiveness”

Started working on this a while ago and converted it to my new audio software to finish. May still revise it but otherwise can be considered final.

new remix “Duke Nukem 3D Theme”

An orchestral remix of the Duke Nukem 3D “Grabbag” theme originally by Lee Jackson and Bobby Prince.

new track “surrender”

This track was intended to be an acoustic instrumental but ended up getting caught up with various Reason synths instead.

new track “noname (P-dog Mix)”

This track is not an original but a remix of an old MOD track which came bundled with my ProAudioSpectrum 16 sound card on a 486 I used in the early 90’s. I stripped out the raw MIDI using OpenMPT and imported into Reason and assigned my own custom synths. The end result reminds me of Jean Michel Jarre and gives a pretty raw 80’s feel.

new track “other worlds”

Further experimenting with the Thor synths in Reason 7 along with testing the Line6 virtual amplifier taking chord input from a standard guitar patch on the NN-XT.

new track “kindermord”

An introduction to the kind of sound netfreak will be producing primarily. This is a mix of electronic with piano and strings.