netfreak works primarily in the electronic genre but also combining the sound of power metal and synthesizers from the 80’s. Initially formed as “kindermord” in the early 2000’s with a few other members, netfreak has recently become a solo project with guest artist collaboration.

netfreak has traditionally used older equipment for music production and only recently adopted software solutions such as Reason. The very first recordings under “kindermord” were done with a Fostex 4-track recorder and digitized on a Macintosh G3 using a Korg 1212. Some of this legacy gear remains in use today, and some tracks will incorporate the use of the Peavey DPM3+ synthesizer, Korg EMX-1, Yamaha QX5 sequencer and TG55 tone generator for retro electronic sound.

Some musical influences include Velvet Acid Christ, Boards of Canada, GYBE, KMFDM, Jean Michel Jarre, and Nine Inch Nails.

netfreak can also be found:
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